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Follow the CLIF Bar athletes that inspire us to achieve more

Team Clif Bar is a part of that displays all of their sponsored athletes through news, blogs, images, bios, videos, event calendars and much more!

Navigate the entire section through a customized right nav that contains image links to the Triathlounge, Pace Team, Clif Cast Podcasts, Clif Video and Athlete Bios. Though the Team Clif Bar site, fans are able to keep up to date with their favorite Clif-sponsored professional athletes.

Get out there and join the adventure!


Engaging content to inspire the target audience


Design around the content, design to lift the content


Fueling a community of athletes who live to chase adventure

"Working with the CLIF Bar team has always been challenging and fun. As an athlete myself, I thought this project was extra fun!"

— Ryan Bolin